Dr. Lindsey gets to witness miracles every day in practice through Chiropractic care and Nutritional guidance. She assists individuals in allowing their body to express it’s highest potential. She is so grateful for her patients and their testimonials on their experience with care.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: 952-446-1212 or info@chirosolutionsmn.com.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the time that you and your team have given to our wellness program. I really couldn’t be more happy as I reflect over my goals for what I wanted to achieve during this time. There has been a fundamental shift in my diet thinking and planning. I have made working out and stretching a part of my daily routine and really do believe that this will be a permanent lifestyle change for me. Talk about a turning point; I went from drinking several pots of coffee a day to now having one or two cups of green tea. But an added plus to the milestone lifestyle changes is that I am nearly down to what I weighed on my wedding day and my pant size is almost to where I was in high school. How exciting. It feels great to be on the right track.”-John B
“Thanks for helping me be healthy.” -Tavin, age 8
“I can’t imagine my life without chiropractic and the doctors at Chiropractic Solutions. Dr. Lindsey is caring, enthusiastic and amazing at what she does! Seeing her on a regular basis keeps my digestive track healthy, keeps me from getting sick and she’s essential to helping me heal from injuries and preventing new ones. I feel confident going into my 24th year of competitive dance knowing I have her on speed dial!” – Katie P, Health Coach, 2 Time World Champion Dancer and Fitness Competitor
“Dr. Lindsey sees both myself and my kids. She is both patient and thoughtful with her care. My 5 & 3 year olds ASK to get their “crackles” out!” -Leslie R
“We have been with Dr Lindsey for about 3 years. My 5 and 3 year old see her too. My girls love seeing her and know when they “need” their ears adjusted. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. My back and neck were quite a mess 3 years ago. I now feel the best I have ever felt.” -Lisa D
“This letter is regarding my patient Susan R. Susan has recently embarked upon a wellness program and has lost a considerable amount of weight through healthy diet and exercise. She has had impressive improvements in her medical parameters with this change, specifically her fasting glucose level and cholesterol. Overall, Susan has evidenced remarkable change in her medical parameters with her recent wellness program.” -Samuel E, M.D.
“Dr. Lindsey is amazing and in tune to each persons needs! She has a great relationship with her clients and makes her patients feel comfortable. I look forward to each visit!” -Jennifer A
“I’ve been seeing Dr Engmark this past year and my experience with her has been life changing! She helped me figure out which foods were impacting me and how everything is really connected and also helped me start my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Now I consult with her on many different issues. In fact, my daughter recently came down with a bad cold and I stopped in to see if she could help and the two supplements she suggested worked like a charm. The cold was pretty much non-existent within 2 days when these colds normally last for weeks on end. I couldn’t ask for better care and am so thankful I was introduced to her!” -Jenny M
“Dr Lindsey is top shelf and that comes from knowing her for 15 years. One of the best chiropractors in the metro. You will be helped!” -Mark B
“I want to say thank you for giving me the tools to change my life. 8 weeks ago I was honestly embarrassed of how I looked, I would sneak food so my coworkers and family didn’t see me eating, felt tired and worn down all the time, and just kept telling myself I would do something about it tomorrow. With the Wellness Program, You lit a fire under me and taught me ways to take control of my life again. With the meetings, work out opportunities, and all the nutritional information provided, I have been able to stop the downward spiral I was going in, and begin my new path in the right direction of a Healthy lifestyle. In 8 weeks I lost 23 lbs, 10+ inches, and signed up for my first 5K in 4 years. Thank you for helping me, make ME a Healthier and much Happier person.” -Melissa R