Chiropractic care is NOT about getting adjusted, but rather checking to see if there is interference or imbalance to your nervous system which may be leading to expressing symptoms or rather lacking expression of health. State of the art technology allows us to specifically pinpoint if chiropractic is necessary for you. Our hope is we find nothing and can check you again in the future; this indicates you are healthy.

Dr. Lindsey brings energy, enthusiasm, and experience for your overall health experience. She takes a natural approach centered around chiropractic care, but has received extensive training in other specialties because she recognizes the importance to care for the individual as a whole, so the individual can once again be in charge of their health.


Nutrition Response Testing is very precise, scientific, and non-invasive method of testing, analyzing, and correcting nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. Each reflex point represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, and indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. By testing these reflexes, Dr. Lindsey has a system of monitoring your body.

It is the study of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each and every organ and function of the body.  The analysis is done through testing the body’s own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points to determine if there are any nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities or toxicities. Once the analysis is complete, Dr. Lindsey helps you to determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet, in order to bring about balance and optimal health. A few of the many improvements our practice members experience are: improved hormonal balance, better digestive health, weight loss and increased energy. Once Dr. Lindsey accepts your case, you can count on her to do everything in her power to help you achieve your health objectives, and to help you achieve a healthier, happier life.


The Graston Technique is a technique that can detect and treat areas of scar tissue or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments that can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Graston Technique has been effective in helping our patients with:
Achilles Tendonitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Golfers and Tennis elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Splints
Chronic Shoulder and Knee Disorders
C-section Scarring and more!

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Cristina began her Massage Therapy Education in Colorado in 1998 at the Colorado School of Healing Arts. In 2000, she moved back to her native state of Minnesota to complete her schooling at the Touch of Life School of Massage. She has been practicing massage the past 15 years. In addition to Massage, in 2015, Cristina became a Master of Reiki, an energy healing technique. Cristina’s passion is helping clients reach their personal health and wellness goals. She believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body. She is also a strong supporter of self care and may make recommendations to her clients to aid in their recovery. Her specialty is Deep Tissue Massage while incorporating relaxing Swedish strokes. She tailors each individual massage as needed with Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology and Reiki. Cristina also uses Hot Stones as part of her unique massage treatment experience.
Cristina resides in St. Bonifacius with her 2 boys, Tyrus and Jalen. While outside of the office, Cristina enjoys reading, cooking, yoga, zumba, or taking classes. Cristina is passionate about Holistic & Alternative Healing and is always looking for classes to enhance her practice and her personal interests in health and wellness. Weekends are usually spent at her boys sporting events, traveling or spending time with family.


Dr. Lindsey has a passion for creating a healthier community by providing workshops in our office, Lunch N Learns at your business, Health and Happiness Home Parties and more. We also bring in speakers on different health topics to provide you and your loved ones more resources.


Chiropractic Solutions offers yearly Wellness Challenges that are open to the public. These challenges focus on making healthy lifestyle changes to increase a person’s overall health. They focus on the physical, chemical and emotional components to one’s health as these three need to be in balance to achieve optimal health. Please call the office to find out more information.

“Thanks for helping me be healthy.”
Tavin, Age 8
“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the time that you and your team have given to our wellness program. I really couldn’t be more happy as I reflect over my goals for what I wanted to achieve during this time. There has been a fundamental shift in my diet thinking and planning. I have made working out and stretching a part of my daily routine and really do believe that this will be a permanent lifestyle change for me. Talk about a turning point; I went from drinking several pots of coffee a day to now having one or two cups of green tea. But an added plus to the milestone lifestyle changes is that I am nearly down to what I weighed on my wedding day and my pant size is almost to where I was in high school. How exciting. It feels great to be on the right track.”
John B
“I can’t imagine my life without chiropractic and the doctors at Chiropractic Solutions. Dr. Angela and Dr. Lindsey are caring, enthusiastic and amazing at what they do! Seeing them on a regular basis keeps my digestive track healthy, keeps me from getting sick and they’re essential to helping me heal from injuries and preventing new ones. I feel confident going into my 24th year of competitive dance knowing I have these two doctors on speed dial!”
Katie P, 2 Time World Champion Dancer
“We have been with Dr Bremer for over 3 years and with Dr Lindsey for about a year. My 5 and 3 year old see them both too. My girls love seeing them both and know when they “need” their ears adjusted. Both of these women are compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. My back and neck were quite a mess 3 years ago. I now feel the best I have ever felt.”
Lisa D
“This letter is regarding my patient Susan R. Susan has recently embarked upon a wellness program and has lost a considerable amount of weight through healthy diet and exercise. She has had impressive improvements in her medical parameters with this change, specifically her fasting glucose level and cholesterol. Overall, Susan has evidenced remarkable change in her medical parameters with her recent wellness program.”
Samuel E, M.D.
“I want to say thank you for giving me the tools to change my life. 8 weeks ago I was honestly embarrassed of how I looked, I would sneak food so my coworkers and family didn’t see me eating, felt tired and worn down all the time, and just kept telling myself I would do something about it tomorrow. With the Wellness Program, You lit a fire under me and taught me ways to take control of my life again. With the meetings, work out opportunities, and all the nutritional information provided, I have been able to stop the downward spiral I was going in, and begin my new path in the right direction of a Healthy lifestyle. In 8 weeks I lost 23 lbs, 10+ inches, and signed up for my first 5K in 4 years. Thank you for helping me, make ME a Healthier and much Happier person.”
Melissa R
“The doctors here are top shelf and that comes from knowing them for 15 years. Some of the best chiropractors in the metro. You will be helped!”
Mark B
“Both Doctors are amazing and in tune to each persons needs! They have a great relationships with their clients and make their patients feel comfortable in their care. I look forward to each visit!”
Jennifer A
“Dr. Bremer & Dr. Lindsey see both myself and my kids. They are both patient and thoughtful with their care. My 5 & 3 year olds ASK to get their “crackles” out!”
Leslie R